Layer Guide:
A.) Silty Sand & Gravel

B.) Slag (Relatively Homogeneous w/ Concrete and Brick Frag)
C.) Alluvial Clay
D.) Bedrock (Estimated 70 ft)

Below are sample shop drawings of the initial bollard designs. The first step I took was to create digital drawings of the textures for each layer. Next, I sent them to the fabricators who then cut them in aluminum then wrapped them around the powder-coated cylindrical core.

Core Sample Bollards


I was hired to create a series of site-specific pedestrian bollards for the Hazelwood Green Site in Pittsburgh, PA.

For the “Core Sample” bollard, I requested the geotechnical exploration report and used this data to create a stylized visual representation of the soil composition beneath Hazelwood Green. I then hired Technique Architectural Products to fabricate the final aluminum bollards.

This was a collaborative project coordinated by GGN Landscape Architects, Office of Public Art, and Monmade.